TANKOVNA Pilsner Urquell

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Self-service restaurant located on the ground floor of the pavilion. The modern interior is in direct contrast with the truly ancient traditional Czech cuisine made according to the original Czech historical recipes, consisting mainly of the ready meals.

In our restaurant, you can taste the famous appetizers to beer, such as “utopenec” sausage with onion or “zavináč” (rolled slice of picked fish) with sauerkraut, the most famous Czech soups, such as goulash soup, potato soup or Kulajda, and, of course, also the unforgettable old Bohemian main dishes, such as, undoubtedly, roast pork with dumplings and cabbage, beef sirloin with cream sauce and cranberries (“Svíčková”), roasted duck with cabbage, Czech potato pancakes with smoked meat as well as venison stew. We also cannot forget the traditional Czech dumplings that are available in the offer in potato, yeast, “karlovarský” (Carlsbad) and, of course, fruit variations. As game has always been and still is a part of the traditional Czech cuisine, you will also be able to taste several game dishes made of boar, venison and fallow-deer meat there.