Logo lovecké restaurace

Restaurant with service, located on the second floor of the pavilion. Its interior was designed by leading Czech designers. As the restaurant's name suggest, its offer is mainly focused on game dishes.

Game and game dishes have a long and rich tradition in the Czech Republic. The Czech game management, that includes the life philosophy, game keeping, hunting, various ceremonies, specific music and, of course, preparation of game dishes, was actually added to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Czech Republic in 2011.

In the restaurant, you can taste several kinds of game, specifically venison, fallow-deer, deer, boar, hare and even pheasant, in traditional Czech meals. For example, one of the most popular and most favourite meals – Venison with briar sauce, where the sauce is made from wild briar berries, grater gingerbread and other ingredients. Sauces served with game play very important role in the Czech cuisine and provide a great range of incredible flavours. Thus, in La Baita, you can taste an Aronia sauce – black rowan berries, chanterelle mushroom sauce, traditional Czech “Svíčková” sauce (Beef sirloin with cream sauce), and unique hunting Cumberland sauce with a mix of red current, ginger, mustard, sugar and spices. The restaurant also offers a unique opportunity to taste a special Bullshot soup that has already been served for more than 100 years on the hunting occasions directly in the open air. It is a double pheasant broth, filtered through a silk canvas, with a quail egg and a glass of Sherry. As a dessert, you can enjoy the old Bohemian pancakes or “Šišky” (small potato dumplings) with poppy seeds.