There are two restaurants in the Czech National Pavilion at the General World Exposition EXPO 2015 in MILAN. These restaurants are distinguished by their service.

On the ground floor of the pavilion is located a self-service restaurant TANKOVNA Pilsner Urquell, where you can taste the famous appetizers to beer, such as “utopenec” sausage with onion or “zavináč” (rolled slice of picked fish) with sauerkraut, the most famous Czech soups, such as goulash soup, potato soup or Kulajda, and, of course, also the unforgettable old Bohemian main dishes, such as, undoubtedly, roast pork with dumplings and cabbage, beef sirloin with cream sauce and cranberries (“Svíčková”), roasted duck with cabbage, Czech potato pancakes with smoked meat as well as venison stew.

On the second floor you can find a restaurant with a service focused on game dishes - LA BAITA DEL CACCIATORE Ristorante Ceco. In this restaurant, you can taste several kinds of game, specifically venison, fallow-deer, deer, boar, hare and even pheasant, in traditional Czech meals. For example, one of the most popular and most favourite meals – Venison with briar sauce, where the sauce is made from wild briar berries, grater gingerbread and other ingredients. Sauces served with game play very important role in the Czech cuisine and provide a great range of incredible flavours. Thus, in La Baita, you can taste an Aronia sauce – black rowan berries, chanterelle mushroom sauce, traditional Czech “Svíčková” sauce (Beef sirloin with cream sauce), and unique hunting Cumberland sauce with a mix of red current, ginger, mustard, sugar and spices.